Timber flooring and decking provide a marvelous decorative experience to even the simple looking house. With the enhancement of the engineering techniques, people are becoming much more aware of how to make their home more attractive. The question that arises is that “why timber flooring in Singapore is so popular?” What is it that makes timber wood an excellent material for decking? Let’s have a look and some of the points that will sort out this confusion.

The natural look of wood floor doesn’t need any extra hues and color to make it look more attractive. By staining the deck or by using the clear finish, the natural look of timber floor can be preserved for a long time. There’s nothing more quite than the engineered timber flooring.

Timber floors don’t allow dust to stick with them. It is protected from fungus, pet dander, mold, dust mites, and other particles, which can cause allergies. You just need to keep the floor clean by sweeping it regularly.The carpet flooring can last up to fifteen years, but with the passage of time, it starts to look much worse.

You can’t even imagine it to last for fifteen years straight. Whereas, with the little amount of maintenance, timber flooring looks much better with the passage of time. It is effortless to clean timber floor as compared to tile or carpet. A light vacuum cleaner or a soft broom can sweep the floor quickly, but you also have to mop it occasionally.